Find the Right Credit Provider for Yourself

The Credit Bureau is a powerful institution. It collects all information about us citizens related to our creditworthiness and payment history. Without positive Credit Bureau information no one gets a loan from a German financial institution. But there is an alternative. Various direct banks on the Internet offer a loan without Schufa information.

Bad reputation mostly unfounded

The providers of these loans have a bad reputation. In popular opinion, they are often considered black sheep in the credit industry. But that’s not true. The way to lend is simply different than at your house bank. But even here, nothing works without collateral. The most important is a permanent job with a regular and traceable income. Its height must be above the German seizure limit. Condition is usually that this is a non-independent activity. For self-employed, freelancers and housewives a loan without Schufa information is hardly possible. Another reliable security that is readily accepted is the property ownership. The loan without Schufa information is always granted as a installment loan, which must be repaid in fixed monthly installments .

Clean up with prejudice

Another prejudice against the credit without Credit Bureau information are the alleged excessive interest rates. However, as with any other loan, interest rates are based on the general interest rate. But they are always below the interest rates for a repayment credit. You do not have to calculate this yourself. A good source of information is the reference computers on the Internet. Here you can check and compare the different offers. So you can calmly consider and weigh before you make a decision.

In addition, pay attention to some of the features that allow you to check the credibility of the lenders: The loan offer should always be free of charge, as should the loan application. Providers who want to deliver the application documents by cash on delivery are untrustworthy. A telephone contact must not be possible exclusively via expensive telephone numbers. It is also very important that the company has its headquarters in Germany more information and news here